This is your fourth (and FINAL) blog prompt for EDCI335 and it may be the one you choose to be assessed for your final grade (15%)

After reading the posts in this unit, please complete the following task:

  • Create a post on your own blog and address 4 – 5 of the prompts below.
  • Make sure you do not simply restate the views of the authors of the readings, but try to write about how you would apply what you read about to your own context.
  • Make sure you use the category edci335 on your post!
  • Include links to your peers posts to comment on their ideas.
  • Aim for 300-400 words in your post.


(Based on Chapter 9.6 of Teaching in a Digital Age)

Go to YouTube, Vimeo, Youku, Tencent Video or hosted video service provider of your choice, and type in your Interactive Learning Design subject area into the ‘search’ box. Choose a video from the list that comes up that you might use with your learners and write a post that addresses 4-5  of the prompts below.

  1. What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)?
  2. In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own, e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)?
  3. What activity could you suggest that they do, after they have watched the video (designed)? What type of knowledge or skill would that activity help develop? What medium or technology would students use to do the activity?
  4. How would students get feedback on the activity that you set? What medium or technology would they and/or you use for getting and giving feedback on their activity?
  5. How much work for you would that activity cause? Would the work be both manageable and worthwhile? Could the activity be scaled for larger numbers of students?
  6. How could the video have been designed to generate more or better activity from viewers or students?
  7. How will you address any potential barriers for your learners in the use of this video to ensure an inclusive design?