Learning Design for Technology-Mediated Environments

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What is Learning?

What is learning? This is the million dollar question that needs to be answered before we can really talk about learning design. To get you started thinking about what it means to learn, please read this post from Clarissa Sorenson-Unruh…. Continue Reading →

Designing Learning

At this point in your life, you have probably worked your way through close to 15 years of formal learning environments. Some of you have experienced little more than a typical classroom with learners in rows of desks and a… Continue Reading →

Planning Frameworks

Backwards Design Backwards design is the process of designing learning experiences by beginning with identifying the outcomes and planning all resources and activities in direct response to how they will support the learner in meeting the outcomes. It is the… Continue Reading →

Learning Outcomes

As we previously mentioned, backwards design begins with the end in mind, and learning designers do that by identifying one or more learning outcomes (also known as intended learning outcomes, objectives, learning goals, or other variations of similar language). Identifying… Continue Reading →

Constructive Alignment

Better Learning Design Rather than focusing on poor learning design, I think it is more beneficial to think about what good learning design looks like. We have encountered some ideas in previous units, such as Derek Muller talking about the… Continue Reading →

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