This section contains selected components from your course outline. For full details, please refer to the course outline that was emailed to you for your section. If you didn’t receive that email, please check with your instructor.

Calendar Description

Introduces the practice of learning design and its application to networked and open online learning environments. Explores the principles of learning design and how to create technology-mediated learning experiences for others. Opportunities to plan, design and develop technology-mediated learning experiences taking into account learning theories, communities of inquiry, inclusivity, technologies for learning, essential digital literacies and alignment of outcomes with assessments.

Textbook & Required Resources

You are NOT required to purchase a textbook for this course. All readings will either be freely and openly available on the web or will be accessible through the University of Victoria library.

Remote Access to Some University Services

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to access networks and services over a secure connection. Please note that some university services, including library access, may require you to connect to the library servers by VPN. To download and install the Cisco VPN software, please visit the UVic VPN website.


Please be familiar with the OIPC Cloud Computing Guidelines for Public Bodies and engage in any cloud-based tools only as it may be your personal preference as it is NOT required to complete this course. Your instructor will go over options with you to support your preferences.