Blog Prompt

This is the THIRD required post for EDCI 335 and may be the one you choose to be assessed for your final grade (15%)

After reading the posts in this unit, please complete the following task:

  • Create a post on your own blog and address one or more of the prompts below.
  • Make sure you do not simply restate the views of the authors of the readings, but try to write about how you would apply what you read about to your own context.
  • Make sure you use the category edci335 on your post!
  • Include links to your peers posts to comment on their ideas.
  • Aim for 300-400 words in your post.

Post Ideas:

  1. How will your interactive learning resource specifically ensure that the needs of all learners can be met?
  2. How can you adjust your planned learning activities to meet the needs of your learners if an unexpected event occurs? (for example, a pandemic arises and many of your employees must now work from home – how will you ensure that they can still do their jobs? What training will they need, and how will you deliver it, knowing they must remain at home?) This is a common discussion thread right now as many schools and universities have made the switch to teaching online.
  3. Choose one (or more) of your planned learning activities from your Blueprint and identify any barriers for student success. How can you alter or adjust your current plan to reduce those barriers?
  4. Consider the learning environment for your current design. What potential barriers can be reduced or eliminated to provide more pathways for learner success?
  5. Besides curb cuts there are many examples of universal design in engineering. Choose an example of universal design in engineering and explain how it can be used as inspiration for a learning design.