It can be challenging to find good tutorial-style videos for how to create accessible content.


The BrightSpace site offers one of the best video series for an educator-audience. The series is from 2016 so features may display differently, depending on what version of Word you are running, but the core information is solid and can even be applied to other authoring platforms, such as Google Docs. Most authoring tools have similar accessibility features built-in – you just have to know to look for them.

A screenshot of the first video in the series showing how headings can be authored.

BrighSpace created three detailed videos for how to make Word documents accessible by:

A screenshot of a clip from a how-to video on the Reading Rockets site that shows the viewer how to write appropriate alt text.

A somewhat compliance-focused video is recommended to a K-12 audience on the Reading Rockets site. It offers a 6-minute video tutorial on creating accessible Word documents.

It’s a compressed version of the information BrightSpace offers that focuses on the how, rather than the why. Warning: you might feel like someone is wagging their finger at you while you are watching this, and the video shows someone incorrectly selecting a Heading 1 style for what should be a Heading 2 element on the page but other than that, it’s a quick, clear how-to video.