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Annotations: Chronic Illness and Academic Accommodation: Meeting Disabled Students’ “unique needs” and Preserving the Institutional Order of the University

This Masters thesis from UVic Sociology uses institutional ethnography to look at the effect of the university’s accommodations policy on female students with chronic illness.

Annotations: Participatory Action Research, Mental Health Service User Research, and the Hearing (our) Voices Projects

Participatory Action Research (PAR) in mental health service-user research is a valid and empowering philosophy of engagement and knowledge-making.

Annotations: Saying No to the Checklist: Shifting from an Ideology of Normalcy to an Ideology of Inclusion in Online Writing Instruction

Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Quality Matters Rubric (QM), and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) checklists “perpetuate an idea of normalcy” and should not be blindly applied but rather engaged with critically by online writing course (OWC) educators.

Annotations: Web Accessibility Policies at Land-Grant Universities

examines the extent and effectiveness of Web accessibility policies at land-grant universities in the United States

PowerPoint Presentation: Reframing web accessibility for educators July 14, 2020 presentation to MEd cohort for EDCI 565

This version of the PowerPoint has a number of accessibility errors. To see them, use your accessibility checker. This version of the PowerPoint has had the accessibility issues addressed. Check how issues were resolved by comparing to the first. Note:… Continue Reading →

Draft content for a content accessibility checklist flow chart

In process… coming soon 😉

How-to Videos for Educators: Creating Accessible Word files

It can be challenging to find good tutorial-style videos for how to create accessible content. WORD The BrightSpace site offers one of the best video series for an educator-audience. The series is from 2016 so features may display differently, depending… Continue Reading →

FAQ: What is the difference between captions and transcripts?

Easy to understand answers about digital accessibility can be hard to come by. These FAQ posts offer short answers and my go-to sources for detailed explanations. The short answer: The short answer is that captions (closed and open) are used… Continue Reading →

Web/Digital Accessibility Literacy Skills

The seven writing strategies recommended by the WAI can be found repeatedly in technology and compliance literature, however, they are not categorized or engaged with as literacy skills. And technology and compliance literature often lacks the contextual information that would… Continue Reading →

FAQ: I’m not a website designer. How can I make my site accessible?

It’s important to remember that web accessibility is determined by multiple factors. Developers and designers are responsible for building web accessibility into the code and design of a web site. Content creators – educators and students included – are responsible for seeking… Continue Reading →

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