As we are encouraging learner-owned data and personal preferences for collaboration spaces, we will need to collect information from you about if and where you are setting up your accounts. We have created an online survey, if you wish to post your data publicly (if applicable, your blog URL, your Twitter account, and your inquiry topics/areas of interest) and those not wishing to have their info posted publicly can opt to share any or all questions directly to their instructor via email.

Note, you can still have a public blog, but set posts to private or password-protected, but the URL could be publicly posted/aggregated on our website. Again, cloud-based tools hosted outside of Canada are optional for this class, as is anything that might compromise one’s privacy preference.

You have TWO options for sharing your information:

  1. Via the survey we created (make sure you read all of the information provided). This option will have your Blog and Twitter links and topics of interest posted publicly for sharing (all except your email address and Trello, which we will be setting up for you if you consent).
  2. Send an email to your instructor with the responses to each of the questions posted on the form. With this option, we will only share publicly any accounts or information you designate.