This cooperative assignment is worth 50% of your final grade.

You cannot submit this assignment without first submitting the Learning Design Blueprint and getting feedback from your instructor.

Your task in this assignment is to work with your group to create a learning resource related to the topic of your choice (ideally a topic within your academic major). The resource should take approximately 1-2 hours for a learner to complete. The Learning Design Blueprint assignment is the planning stage of this assignment. You should presume that you need to teach 15-20 people who are assumed to be in K-12, higher education, or are adult professionals. Your learners are spread across Canada and come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. You should assume that two of the following contexts are present in your group of learners:

  • colour blindness
  • English language learner (ELL)
  • loss of hearing
  • single parent who is working full-time and has 2 kids in elementary school
  • a person who does not have access to a computer at home, but has a mobile phone with a data plan
  • your group can propose another context, but please check with your instructor first.

You should use at least one, and ideally a combination, of the technology tools that we discussed in the course. Your learning resource will be reviewed by your peers before you submit it to your instructor during the final week of the course, and they will need to be able to complete the activities as if they were an actual learner in your target audience.

You must include the following in your resource:

  • An overview of the resource
  • A description and rationale for the learning theory upon which your resource will be based (behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism)
  • A description and rationale for the learning design you chose (inquiry, project-based, direct instruction, etc)
  • A description of your learning context (K-12, higher ed, corporate, individual, etc)
  • 2-4 learning outcomes (copied or revised from your blueprint)
  • Brief commentary about each topic and activity
  • One interactive activity for each learning outcome/topic based on a resource aligned with that topic (blog post, video, article, etc)
  • An overview of your assessment plan.
  • An overview of your plans to design for inclusion of diverse learners (choose two from the list above, and specify in your resource).
  • A rationale for your technology choices.
  • Links to each peer review of your resource
  • A rationale for why you did or did not incorporate your peers recommendations into your final resource
  • A bibliography or reference list of all resources cited and/or required for your learners;
    • Use whatever citation format you are comfortable with (APA, MLA, etc) but please be consistent throughout.