We have published an update to this assignment that removes the ‘Concept Analysis’ silliness. Click here.

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and is the first component of your Interactive Learning Resource assignment.  It must be submitted before you submit the Interactive Learning Resource assignment. The blueprint is a cooperative activity which you will complete with the group you formed during Week 1.

Cooperative learning is explained in greater detail here, so make sure you read that before you begin.

In your groups, you need to collectively identify a concept or topic that you want to teach to a group of people. It is strongly recommended that you choose a concept related to your academic major. Once you have identified your concept, you will create a plan for your Interactive Learning Resource, which will be an activity, or series of smaller activities which should take about 1-2 hours to complete. You should divide the work amongst yourselves according to the requirements of the assignment below:

  1. A description of your proposed learning resource and rationale for choosing that topic;
  2. A concept analysis (400-500 words), including the following (NOTE: the concept analysis may require more than one person to ensure equitable participation):
    1. a concise definition of your topic citing at least 2 academic sources
    2. 1-2 examples of the concept
    3. 1-2 non-examples of the concept (mis-conceptions)
    4. 1-3 essential features of the concept (these are features which, if absent, would make the phenomenon a non-example e.g. a triangle must have three sides)
    5. 1-3 accidental features of the concept (these are features, which may or may not be present in the phenomenon e.g. a triangle must have three sides of equal length) SEE NOTE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.
  3. 2-4 learning outcomes related to your concept
    1. SUGGESTION: identify as many learning outcomes as there are people in your group.
  4. a list of sub-topics that form a progression through your lesson
  5. a list of resources that your learners will need to access such as:
    1. textbooks (see: https://open.bccampus.ca),
    2. scholarly articles (accessible through the UVic library)
    3. ‘grey literature’ (professional resources, blogs, videos, etc)
    4. technology tools (WordPress, Etherpad, Moodle, etc)
  6. Identify who will be responsible for completing which component of the Interactive Learning Resource.

There are multiple ways you might want to organize this information. Options include a table, a Trello board, a concept map, or another medium that you find more appropriate. The important thing is that the blueprint is easy to access and displays the information you need in a quickly readable format.

Here is a link to view a sample blueprint.