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These posts are connected to an outdoor education experience in Finnerty Gardens. Each post is linked to a QR code and is meant to provide contextual information while exploring the gardens.

Document your Learning and Create Something New

You are welcome to use your cell phone to capture images, video, or sounds while in the field. These can be brought back to the classroom for discussion. You may also want to try Chatterpix, described below. ChatterPix is a… Continue Reading →

Designing Educational Experiences in the Field

Try to find examples of math, history, social science in the environment around you.  For example:  What does a spider web tell us about geometry and structure?  How does a fern teach us about patterns? Do you notice examples of… Continue Reading →

The Past, Present, and Future of Finnerty Gardens

As you stand here in the gardens, reflect on the following: What is the history of this place and how has the land changed over time?   How has the intention behind the use of the land changed over time. What… Continue Reading →

Exploring Plants and Animals in the Field

Apps for Identifying Plants and Animals iNaturalist is a community-driven platform where nature enthusiasts can record, share, and discuss their observations of the natural world. It serves as a tool for citizen science and a repository for biodiversity data, which… Continue Reading →

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