There are a variety of supports available to you during the courses:

Instructor Help: We can be contacted via email, phone, audio/video calls via BlueJeans, or you can make an appointment. Please do not hesitate to reach out! We also prefer live conversations (phone, audio/video chats) over long emails. We are very approachable and are here to support you! J

Computer Help Desk: The help desk is available to all UVic students for technical help.
Summer Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am-6pm (closed statutory holidays)
Tel: 250-721-7687

UVic Library:
McPherson Library Hours: Mon to Fri 7:30-9:00pm (closed statutory holidays)
Research Help Desk Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00am-4:00pm (closed statutory holidays)

Extra Support For Distance Learners:

UVic Distance Learning and Research Infoline Office – specifically for distance education learners making library requests: 1-800-563-9494

UVic Library Services for Distance Students

Distance Learning Contacts and How to Request Materials

Education Tech Support
Perry Plewes and a co-op student are available for technical help.  Their contact information, which is also posted on the course website under the Instructor tab, is as follows:

Tel: 250-853-3986


Room A322 MacLaurin

YOUR PLN (personal learning network) on Twitter or Other Social Media
You have the option of seeking support from your growing personal learning network and the broader education and technology communities on social media. To do this, you may post a tweet to the relevant hashtag or individuals you seek support or insight from. You may also tweet the direct link to your specific blog post that you want to share to invite support and comments. You may also email/text/DM the blog post to peers, #tiegrad alumni, practicing teachers, etc.

Learning Partner
You are asked to identify one specific “learning partner” with whom you can work and field questions along the way. You are welcome to invite any #tiegrad alumni, practicing teachers, or other educational stakeholders to comment on your blog or provide help with your inquiries.

Learning Pod
You will work together in a group of three or four to help one another with the learning process. On Fridays or other times outside of class, you will take turns showcasing your blog progress. This entails one learner sharing their work to date and the other three members providing peer assessment, reviews, and constructive comments.