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Polishing for Review Before Upload Party

Hi all, With MEd Oral exams moving by, we need to look at next steps for polishing your work for uploading. Note that we highly recommend uploading to UVicSpace so that your work gets a broader audience and doesn’t disappear… Continue Reading →

Capturing your WordPress Project Site into a Document

For those creating a website as part of their MEd project, we will need you to capture that work in a document for submission of the final project. You can do this by saving components of the website as an… Continue Reading →

Pressbooks Workshop

We were fortunate to have Inba Kehoe, our head of copyright and scholarly communications at the University of Victoria, come in to give us a workshop on Pressbooks. You can follow her on Twitter at @inbakehoe or contact her at… Continue Reading →

Workshops to Assist Project Development

We will be hosting workshop and/or edcamp-type time for learning more about some of the tools to support your real-world application development. The schedule will take place between 5-6pm on the following Tuesdays. We will make separate blog posts for… Continue Reading →

Making Progress & Planning

For next steps, we encourage you to do some planning to ensure timely completion of your Master’s Project (in its entirety): Please be sure to review the MEd Project Description document shared in the summer for criteria components Polish EDCI… Continue Reading →

Last Term with EDCI 598B!

We hope you all had a relaxing winter break! We look forward to connecting with you this term as you complete your final projects.  Michael and I met today and would like to propose the following plan. As always, if… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with EDCI 598A

Welcome back, #tiegrad!! We are looking forward to starting up your project development. This term we will be focusing on the project proposal (Introduction and Literature Review). Next term will be your real-world application and reflections. Both of us will… Continue Reading →

Zotero for Citation Management

Hopefully, everyone have been working with Zotero over the last year since it was introduced in our first course, but here are some resources for you should you wish to have a refresher: Zotero Workshop with UVic Librarian Matt Huculak… Continue Reading →

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