Welcome to EDCI 570/71 Research in Curriculum and Instruction. Although some of you will be registered in EDCI 570 (Elementary) and some in EDCI 571 (Secondary), we will actually run the course as a single course. The only difference for you will be the name of the course that will appear on your official university transcript.

The calendar describes this course as a review of the critical issues; and analysis of significant research on curriculum development at the elementary and secondary school level. For the purposes of this course, we will focus primarily on research that relates to Educational Technology.

This course is not a Research Methods course, but rather a readings course where we may delve into the research and learn about what research is being done in Educational Technology. Through learning about current research, we can identify hot topics in Educational Technology and ideas to implement in our own practice as well as help us focus our research questions for our masters’ projects.


Course Description/Goals


The purposes of this course are:


  1. To allow students to develop insights into current research regarding curriculum, learning and teaching with a specific focus for this section on technology in education.


  1. To acquaint students with some of the literature on teaching and learning with technology.


  1. To help students develop their library research techniques, academic communication abilities, and professional leadership.


Students should select their outside readings and direct their assignments toward their specific grade range, content area, and research focus for their project.