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Online Synchronous Twitter Chat this Wednesday

Hi everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention a cross-Canadian Twitter discussion that is happening this Wednesday February 5th to discuss issues around ethics and openness in education. I presume that most participants will be teachers or teacher candidates,… Continue Reading →

Two more readings!!! Say it isn’t so!

via GIPHY For our discussion next week on designing open and distributed learning I have offered you two additional readings. I do believe they should be useful to you. The first reading, from Blomgren, explores the current trends in K-12… Continue Reading →

Emergent Session 1 – A Distributed EdCamp

Based on feedback form our open agenda document and feedback discussed in session yesterday, we will hold an online EdCamp session this coming Tuesday (January 28). We will follow the EdCamp model to brainstorm topics in a Google Doc, decide… Continue Reading →

CBC Spark Episode on Google Apps for Education

As mentioned in our recent meeting, this CBC Spark episode looks at how Google for Education is being used by students and teachers in schools across Canada and raises important issues around data privacy, student/parental concerns, and digital literacies. There… Continue Reading →

Creative Commons Search Browser Extension

Attention open education practitioners! Creative Commons has launched a Creative Commons Browser Extension enabling you to Search for images that are openly licensed. The extension allows you to search for openly licensed images from a variety of open content repositories…. Continue Reading →

Another OER Textbook for your Library

Creating Online Learning Experiences: A Brief Guide to Online Courses, from Small and Private to Massive and Open Authors: Matt Crosslin, et al. Abstract This book provides an updated look at issues that comprise the online learning experience creation process…. Continue Reading →

An OER Just for You: Teaching in a Digital Age

As we have been talking about open educational resources (OER) this week, I thought it might be worthwhile to share one that may be of specific interest to you. This open textbook, titled Teaching in a Digital Age, has been… Continue Reading → Annotation Resources and Information

Just to follow up to some of the questions posed yesterday: will continue to be around?; how much of my time and data should I invest in this?; can I rely on it being there in a year? I… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on ‘distributed’ and ‘open’ learning

Welcome everyone to EDCI 569, a course that addresses the Theory and Discourses on Distributed and Open Learning. There is a great deal to cover with a title like that, so I thought some further explanation might be in order…. Continue Reading →

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