Over the spring, teachers were “forced” to adopt a digital platform to run and manage their classroom. This led to many teachers feeling overwhelmed and feeling lost in an already confusing time. Platforms such as Google Classroom and FreshGrade are complex and require the know-how to use the various tools effectively and to lower stress during use.The resource pages found below are intended  to provide teachers with answers and tutorials for the different features of Google Classroom and FreshGrade. Another goal is to build digital literacy in educators and provide a cache of resources that can be accessed to build professional development with specific platforms.

Many of the resources are created by either Google or FreshGrade. As they are the developers of the platform, they have a vested interest in creating up-to-date and relevant information about the programs. This has two functions: to provide information about the product and assist the user in effectively using their product and to promote sales of their product.

Digital Framework

As defined by the British Columbia’s Digital Literacy Framework [PDF] “Digital Literacy is the interest, attitude and ability of individuals to use digital technology and communication tools appropriately to access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, construct new knowledge, and create and communicate with others” (Education, n.d.)

The British Columbia’s Digital Framework is an integral part of B.C.’s Curriculum that provides an overview of the digital skills and strategies that teachers are required to integrate into their classroom. The resources are intended to enable teachers to access, manage and integrate the different skills needed to effectively use Google Classroom and FreshGrade in their classroom.

The resource page will also act as a directory for teachers to send information to parents or students when they are requiring assistance with certain aspects of either platform.

ISTE Standards

The ISTE Standards [Website] are a framework for innovation in education. They were designed for educators to provide a guide to help teachers integrate technology with education to prepare students for the technological world. According to ISTE Standards for educators, teachers need to be able to be a facilitator, analyst, learner, leader, citizen, collaborator and designer. The ISTE Standards require teachers to be proficient in using digital literacy to foster a functioning class and be able to manage the many challenges that arise (ISTE Standards for Educators | ISTE, n.d.). The resources pages below, are intended to help teachers meet those standards.

The pages are configured for easy navigation to find resources to help teachers guide their classes’ journey through the use of Google Classroom and FreshGrade. I have picked these two platforms as my main focus because in District 61 (Greater Victoria School District) these are popular platforms that are used widely throughout the district.


Resource Guide for Google Classroom By: Sean Gorman

Resources to Use with Google Classroom By: Sean Gorman

Resource Guide for FreshGrade By: Sean Gorman


Summary of Research Evidence 


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