What you will find below are curated resources on what to consider in creating strong lines of support and communication between the teacher and the support structure at home. While it is impossible to incorporate all the resources, information, opinion, and strategies to start communicating effectively, this page should provide more than enough initial momentum to start.

In addition to advice on how to get started and what to consider, information on the nuts and bolts of technology that could be used to make those connections is found within some of the linked articles and blogs below – and appear with exemplars in another page of this site.  Also of note is that some of these resources focus on parent/guardian “engagement” more than communication; however, communication is connected to improving engagement at home, so there is a lot of overlap in conversations, tools, and strategies.

Also provided are links to understand my rationale in the curation selection process, a small literature review on communication and home engagement, and a page with tips to create a communication plan.

Source Description
@WithEqualStep A Canadian site with a focus on parental/home engagement and collaboration. It has an associated website with workshops and blogs.
@WalkAlongsideSK A “Parent Engagement Collaborative” initiative established out of the Education department of the University of Saskatchewan. Has an associated website.
@DrDebbiePushor A Canadian professor of Curriculum Studies out of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She has a research focus on parent engagement.
@SheilaSpeaking A recommendation from other respected educators – Sheila Stewart. A Canadian educator with a connected blog and has a specific post covering her past experiences and advice on parent communication.
@ChrisWejr A recommendation from other respected educators. A Canadian educator with a focus on leadership, instruction, and assessment. He has a connected blog, with a specific posts on parent communication, and starting communications.
@Larryferlazzo Another recommendation from other respected educators. A Canadian educator with a focus on instruction and assessment. He has a connected blog, with many posts on remote learning and parent engagement.
@janetifimust UK professor and educator, Janet Goodall.  Researches technology use for communication and engagement at home.
@GlobalFRP US-based, The Global Family Research Project, began out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Works to improve community and family engagement. Has an associated website.
@BCCPA The associated account of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils. It has an associated website – listed below, that has resources and information on parental involvement in all aspects of the education system.
@govTogetherBC BC Government initiative that works to engage parents and increase involvement through activities and information. It has an associated website with resources that may be passed along in communication.

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Source Description
Edutopia Well-known US non-profit foundation for K-12 education founded by filmmaker George Lucas. Among other topics, it contains resources on project-based learning, social/emotional learning, assessment and technology. It has a specific category on Family Engagement.

Consider these blog posts first:

Common Sense A US-based non-profit organization that provides resources and safety guidance on technology and media. Contains a category specifically on education.

This section contains information, strategies and reviews of technology that can be leveraged in communication:

National Association of Independent Schools US-based non-profit association of private schools with a site that has information, articles, blogs and resources on many topics.

Specific articles that may be helpful:

Global Family Research Project Independent, non-profit based organization out of the US. Supports research-based improvements in communication and engagement for families and communities. Has resources blogs, publications and strategies on many topics related to engagement.

Specific blogs that may be helpful:

National Education Association US-based labour union representing public school educators from all levels of learning. Site contains resources, advice, and strategies on multiple topics.

Specific pages that may be helpful:

BC Teachers’ Federation Professional union to the 45,000 public school teachers in BC. Maintains a section of the website for New Teachers with a page of communicating with parents/guardians associated with the New Teacher’s Handbook.
BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils



The provincial organization of parents in public schools. Created to support, advocate and advance for parent involvement in the public education system. The site contains resources and information aimed at supporting parent involvement in the education system.

Specific resources sections that may be helpful:

  • Student Achievement – parent guides on curriculum, assessment and helping their child
  • Student Safety – contains pages on digital responsibility, privacy, and internet safety


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