All readings and resources may be changed or updated as the course proceeds in order to be responsive to student projects and topics of interest in relation to the course outcomes.

Readings & Resources:

Introduction & Context

Storytelling resources

Examples of Ways in Which to Tell a Story or Narrative (Communicate meaning)

Emphasis: Podcasting & Video creation

Video Storytelling:

Scroll down for “tools for Storytelling”

Podcast Storytelling:

Digital Literacies Framework Primary Resource:

BC Digital Literacy Framework

Open learning Resource (Perspective/ Critical Pedagogy)

Cronin. C. (2019). Open education: Walking a critical path. In D. Conrad, & P. Prinsloo (Eds.), Open(ing) Education: Theory and Practice. Leiden: Brill. 

Open Access Version – (Further OA chapters from this book have been shared via Twitter hashtag #openingeducation)

Topic 1:

Stories and Perspectives: How to Search for and Find Different Stories and Perspectives.

Rheingold, H. (2012). Chapter 2 Crap Detection 101: How to Find What you Need to Know, and Decide if It’s True. In Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. (pp. 77-111). Cambridge, Mass. MIT Press.

Topic 2:

Buchanan, R. (1992). Wicked Problems in Design Thinking Design Issues: MIT Press, Vol. 8, No. 2 (Spring, 1992), pp. 5-21

Galileo (2019). Designing Learning. Retrieved from

Topic 3:

Resnick, M. (2007). All I really need to know (about creative thinking) I learned (by studying how children learn) in kindergarten. In Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGCHI conference on Creativity & Cognition (pp. 1–6). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

Topic 4:

Kral, I. & Schwab, R.G. (2012). Chapter 4: Design Principles for Indigenous Learning Spaces. Safe Learning Spaces. Youth, Literacy and New Media in Remote Indigenous Australia. ANU Press.  Retrieved from:

Regan, P., & Jesse, J. (2019). Ethical challenges of edtech, big data and personalized learning: Twenty-first century student sorting and tracking. Ethics and Information Technology, 21(3), 167-179. DOI: 10.1007/s10676-018-9492-2

Retrieved from:

Topic 5:

Rothwell, D. (2017). Social Media in K-12 Schools. BOLT Multi-authored Blog. [Weblog]. Retrieved from

Couros, A., & Hildebrandt, K. (2016). Designing for open and social learning. In G. Veletsianos (Ed.), Emergence and innovation in digital learning: Foundations and applications. Edmonton, Canada: AU Press.

Retrieved from:

Topic 6:

Sterling, L., “Session L : Coding in the curriculum : Fad or foundational?” (2016). 2009 – 2019 ACER Research Conferences. 4.

Retrieved from: