1. Personal writing  – An approximately 500 word reflection and response to Kieran Egan’s article “What is Curriculum?”
In this first assignment you will present a metaphor (informed by Egan’s and one other article) that expresses your personal understanding and rationale for what curriculum is, e.g., “to me curriculum is a road map…”.
Due: Tuesday, July 14
Value: 25% 

2. Point of view – An approximately 750 word piece of expository writing in which you present your point of view, informed by personal teaching experiences and two articles of your choosing, regarding the important characteristics of learners and learning (epistemology) in our digital age.
Due: Wednesday, July 22
Value: 40%

3. Curricular praxis – This assignment dovetails with your EDCI 565. You will have the opportunity, in your pairs or pod, to showcase your emergent thinking and synthesis of understanding curricular frameworks in relation to your project design in EDCI 565.
Due: Tuesday, July 28
Value 35%