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Week 6 Blog Post

There are no assigned readings for this week. This week’s blog post will ask you to reflect on the summaries of issues related to the use of educational technology shared by your classmates through their videos and short handouts. Your… Continue Reading →

Week 4 Readings and Blog Posting

This week begins your work on the readings from your selected handbook section. In addition,  there are  two other articles, both of which are summaries of research in the preceding 1-2 decades. These articles not only summarize the research in… Continue Reading →

Week 3 Readings and Blog Question

The readings* for Week 3 are of three types: 1.  Notes on annotated bibliographies.  These notes are simply to help you learn about annotated bibliographies and give you some examples.  If you already know about annotated bibliographies, you don’t need… Continue Reading →

Week 2 Readings and Blog

I have been enjoying reading your blog posts from Week 1. As many of you noted in your blogs, the readings this week were not of an academic nature. My hope was that you would begin to think about trends… Continue Reading →

Welcome to EDCI 570/571

Today is September 4 – the start of a new term here for our TIE cohort, as well as the beginning of a new school year for many of you in the field. Given that the first week of school… Continue Reading →

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