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EDCI 565: The Door is Open: What Now?

Now most of you will have access to the Remote Teaching blog by now. (If not, please message me to sort it out.) You may be wondering what to do next for Assignment 1 due on Tuesday. I’ll put some… Continue Reading →

EDCI 565: Getting the Keys to Our Collective Blog!

Our collective blog has now been created at: and will be under construction for the entire month of July. The UVic EdTech MEd cohort and any open learners who connect with Valerie with proposed contributions can get access to… Continue Reading →

EDCI 565: Online and Open Resources, Courses, and Community

Updated July 16 11:25am We were lucky to have a visit from both Alec Couros (URegina) and Bryan Jackson (#tiegrad 1.0 alum and Coquitlam high school teacher). Alec is a professor in Educational Technology at URegina and was the creator… Continue Reading →

EDCI 565: Web Accessibility

We had the opportunity to have Kim Ashbourne speak with our class on Web Accessibility. You can follow her on Twitter and visit her blog for more resources. This post will be updated this afternoon, once Kim’s resources are shared,… Continue Reading →

EDCI 565: Critical Evaluation of Resources

As we all are planning to move onto the next steps for curating our resources for our planned outcomes, we must take pause to evaluate those resources critically. For your first assignment, you will be curating those resources somewhere –… Continue Reading →

EDCI 565: Managing the Messy Part

Ok, we’re out of the gates! This is definitely going to be the messiest part of the stage. We have a bunch of damp sand before us and we have to put it into some kind of structure. The blank… Continue Reading →

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