Contributions to annotations (15%)

For each of the modules you will identify two to three questions or comments based upon the readings. The questions should be added as annotations to the readings in context using the web annotation software. You are highly encouraged to also respond to each others comments or questions which can count as one of your contributions. The questions and comments on the readings will be used to guide the module discussions held each week online using Blue Jeans.

When are they due: The annotations should be completed before you join the weekly meetings, which happen on either Thursday or Tuesday from 5-6pm.

Evaluation criteria: Your contributions will be evaluated based on each annotations’ relevance to the readings and collegial engagement with colleagues.

Blog posts (25%)

For each of the modules, plus the emergent sessions which come at the end of the term, you will create a reflective post on your WordPress portfolio. A straight-forward framework you can use to support your critical reflection is the What? So What? Now What? Model, but I welcome your reflections following any format.

When are they due: I am hoping you will reflect on the modules following the weekly meetings, incorporating the discussion with the group. By the end of the course you will pick one post from the course modules and one from the emergent sessions to be assessed. These two posts can be refined before the final submission date of February 15th. I am very happy to accept early submissions if you desire.

Evaluation criteria: The blog posts will be evaluated using a rubric that will be provided during the course.

Discussion and contributions (10%)

Contributions to our weekly synchronous sessions.

Evaluation criteria: your contributions will be evaluated based on your attendance in each synchronous session and your collegial engagement with peers.

Literature review (50%)

This is a great time to start thinking about your MEd projects and start to develop a literature review in your area of interest. For this assignment you will create a literature review based on either:

A) A topic from the course (for instance a topic from one or more of the modules) or

B) Another topic of interest that you are planning to work on for your MEd project.

If you choose the latter, you should find a way to incorporate principles, concepts, debates, or research from the course readings in the space of distributed and open learning and use at least two or three of the course readings in your paper.

The literature review should be crafted as academic-style writing with appropriate APA citations, references, and format. I am very happy for you to present this on your blogs or using a word processor if you prefer to maintain a document format, either Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or Google Documents are fine based on your preferences.

I am looking for a literature review that is no fewer than 2,000-2,500 words equivalent to 4-5 pages double spaced. If you feel the need to go longer in order to follow your inquiry please feel free.

When is this due: I am proposing a due date of February 1, 2020. This will give me some time to assess your papers and provide formative feedback. We can discuss this and I will be flexible as needed.

Evaluation criteria: The literature review will be evaluated using a rubric that will be provided during the course.