Welcome to my EDCI 515 instructor blog 🙂 I look forward to working and learning with you this summer! Under the EDCI 515 menu, you will find my instructor posts and also any learner posts with the category “edci515.”

My academic background: I hold a BEd (Mathematics) from UVic. While teaching in the Richmond School District, I pursued my MA Degree at The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Mathematics Education and Curriculum Studies. I continued on to doctoral studies at UBC and earned my PhD in Mathematics Education and Curriculum Studies.

My research interests are many! In general, my work focuses on ecological, (em)bodied, and culturally responsive forms of teaching, learning, and research. My current interests include: Theories of cognition, education and the cultural commons, the nature of mathematical understanding, collective learning systems, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), spatial reasoning in mathematics, the role of drawing(s) in mathematics, and deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH) learners’ mathematics.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. My full contact information is on the syllabus, but these can get you started:

Email jethom@uvic.ca
Twitter 250-721-7774
Office MacLaurin Building, Room A530
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