Hi all,

With MEd Oral exams moving by, we need to look at next steps for polishing your work for uploading. Note that we highly recommend uploading to UVicSpace so that your work gets a broader audience and doesn’t disappear in this process. That said, it is optional for MEd projects (except those that went through Ethics, which are required to upload), so please let us know if you have reasons not to want to upload your work. This blog post captures some information to help you a) polish your work, b) upload your work, and c) about our upload party.

Polishing Your Work

Unfortunately, after repeated scans by yourself, your committee, and your peers, inevitably there will be typos or tweaks that are missed once uploaded, but we wanted to provide you with a checklist to review to ensure your work is read for uploading. Once you have incorporated any edits, please go through this checklist, and – once passed – please email your polished version to Valerie and Michael for them to take a pass over so they can let Michele in the Dept that you are approved to upload your work.

  • File names for all of your files to upload are in the format:
    • LastName_FirstName_MEdProject_2021_00x (if multiple files, use 001, 002, 003, etc.)
    • Examples for multi-file collaborations with some elements done separately:
      • HoughtonDeidre_SolesGary_VogelsangAndrew_MEdProject_2021_001.pdf
      • HoughtonDeidre_MEdProject_LitReview_2021_001.pdf
      • SolesGary_MEdProject_LitReview_2021_001.pdf
      • VogelsangAndrew_MEdProject_LitReview_2021_001.pdf
      • HoughtonDeidre_SolesGary_VogelsangAndrew_MEdProject_2021_pre-documentary_002.mp4
      • HoughtonDeidre_SolesGary_VogelsangAndrew_MEdProject_2021_documentary_003.mp4
      • HoughtonDeidre_SolesGary_VogelsangAndrew_MEdProject_2021_reflections_004.mp4
  • Media files must NOT be proprietary (convert any Apple-centric .mov files to .mp4)
  • Check prefatory pages against the UVic Thesis Checklist and Sample document. NOTE: We just had a back-and-forth between our Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies as there were some mixed messaging as to what to include on the title page. We are NOT to include the program name (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Educational Technology) and only the credential in all caps (MASTER OF EDUCATION) and the Department name (in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction). The following are excerpts from this document:
    • Make sure your prefatory pages appear in the order: Title page, supervisory committee page, Abstract, Table of Contents, List of Tables/Figures, Acknowledgements, Dedication, etc.
    • Make sure no page number appears on the title page, prefatory pages are lower case roman numerals, and regular numbers start with “1” on the first page of Chapter 1.
    • When ordering your list of co-supervisors, list your assigned person from last term as the first co-supervisor
    • If you had an additional member on your committee, make sure to add them as and “Additional Member” and list their Department name.
    • Make sure all prefatory pages are listed in the Table of Contents (including the Table of Contents itself)
    • Running headers are optional (recommend remove)
    • Remove any blank pages found in the document
    • As per the checklist/sample, you have the option to include a land acknowledgement at the bottom of your title page, but the checklist clearly states you cannot modify from the example provided: “We acknowledge with respect the Lekwungen peoples on whose traditional territory the university stands and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.”
    • Check headings match the table of contents and page numbers that appear in Table of Contents match the document
    • Each Chapter should start on its own new page (not halfway through a page)
  • Choose your licensing option:
  • Make sure you place a copyright license on EACH FILE that you are uploading, so you are clear on your communication of licensing.
  • Check acronyms are consistent and no swapping between full words and acronyms once first acronym is used
  • Make sure you cleared out ALL track changes. Sometimes it is easy to miss a punctuation, so go to the “Review” tab and select the “Next Change” icon and accept or reject until all changes are cleared.
  • Be sure you have attributed the Figure title/info accurately for a copyrighted image/figure/etc. An example is found in Suzanne Bartel’s MEd. See her figure on page 10 of Hadwin & Winne’s model which is taken from a copyrighted journal article and the attribution has been run by our UVic copyright librarian
  • Check the formatting of your Reference List (use APA 7th Edition). Make sure each reference that appears in the document shows up in the reference list. Also make sure your citations/formatting throughout your document is APA compliant. We recommended Zotero for this reason and it is very noticeable as to who used Zotero and who did not. Those who did not need to carve out time for proofing their APA.
  • If you have media or files separate from your main project document for your chapter 3 (or even for chapter 4), consider including the following in a “landing page” for your chapter 3 (or 4):
    • Files uploaded are described and file names provided and indicate any files uploaded to UVicSpace are dated April 2021.
    • Link to dynamic file (e.g., to a version on their blog that will be updated and indicate this)
    • Option for multiple file types (Word, PDF, GDoc) – should someone wish to work with a word or GDoc version if they don’t know how to convert PDF back to an editable version.
    • If you chose a CC license,
      • what CC license you chose means 
      • How to attribute your work – give them an example of how to attribute you.
  • Check all of your files for web accessibility. In Word, use Word Accessibility check. Run your websites through a checker and review: Joanna/Nicoles Resource & checklist and Kim’s site
  • If you had an ethics approval for your work, we have been advised that any approval form cannot be uploaded as an attachment if it has a signature on it. Instead, cite the protocol # in a short section/subsection on Ethics in the Introduction section. It would be helpful to have a letter of invitation sample, consent form sample, etc., as Appendixes (but if you do add it, be sure to update your Table of Contents). Connect with Valerie or Michael to check what you might include/not include.

Preparing to Upload

  • We strongly encourage you get someone you know to copyedit/proofread for typos as, once uploaded, you cannot return to make edits
  • Once you have finished polishing, convert documents to PDF (except media or documents otherwise made to share in other formats, such as .mp4, etc.).
  • Send all of your files to Valerie and Michael for a last look-over to ensure it is ready to upload (but NOT the large media files… you can simply provide a link to those and describe the filename used, etc.). Once we approve it, we’ll email Michele our sign-off that you can upload to UVicSpace. The earlier we receive it, the better, but let’s aim for April 26.
  • Register in UVicSpace ahead of time and, once she receives our sign-off, Michele will give you permission to submit to the Department’s MEd Projects collection (you need this access before our May 1 upload party).
  • You can review the Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Guide to Uploading to UVicSpace, but NOTE: this guide is targeted for MA and Phd submissions and not MEd projects. You will NOT email garo@uvic.ca but instead Michele in our Department for access if you do not see our MEd Projects collection by April 28 (as we will be communicating with her to give access likely on or soon after April 26).
  • When uploading:
  • Once you submit, someone in the library will have to check the metadata and archive the submission before it is made publicly available. It will appear once the library staff work their way through the submissions.

Upload Party on Saturday, May 1 at 7pm

  • We decided to move the upload party back to Saturday, May 1, at 7pm to give more time for polishing and for our grad secretary to give access to DSpace for those doing their oral on April 22. We got the approval to push it back to May 1st as your degree completion elements would be satisfied by the April 30 deadline. Uploading is optional, therefore, we can do it on May 1. See you then! (and it is no worries if you choose to upload with your family or friends instead and simply wish to join us for a social gathering on May 1).

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash