For those creating a website as part of their MEd project, we will need you to capture that work in a document for submission of the final project. You can do this by saving components of the website as an image, document, or PDF file. These will capture the text and images within your site and will make screenshots of any audio/video you have within the site, but not allow those audio/video to be replayed.

Screenshots can work for this process, but only to a limited extent, especially if your page goes beyond the default viewable area within the browser. While it is possible to zoom out to capture the entire page, it is important that these files are readable as a document, so zoomed out screenshots are not likely to work.

We have discovered two options that might work for you:

1. Export page by page using GoFullPage

This option is most suited to those that are building WordPress sites as part of the project. We also believe this might be the simplest route and offer the most control over the presentation. GoFullPage is a Chrome browser plugin that will enable you to save an entire webpage, top to bottom beyond the viewable, to a PDF or PNG file. Once installed in Chrome, the plugin is available as a small camera icon in the browser.

Please note, if you are logged in to WordPress while you are capturing your site, the black WordPress toolbar at the top of the site will also be captured. We suggest logging out before capturing the site so that this is not visible. If you have already captured the site, do not worry, this is not mandatory.

When you are on the page you want to capture, click the camera to capture the full page. See the video below for a quick demo.

We are advising that you save as PDF files and then we can compile these into a single PDF document to represent chapter three. If you do not have a PDF compiler, reach out to Valerie or myself to help.

2. Export entire site using Pressbooks

This option is most suited to those that are already using Pressbooks for their project but can work for those building WordPress sites who want to export the entire site. Pressbooks enables you to export the entire site in a variety of formats. You can do this from the Dashboard under Export, the option ‘PDF (for digital distribution)’ will work fine.

If you want to bring your entire WordPress site into Pressbooks to allow you to export the full site, you can do this by first exporting your WordPress site. The export is available in the dashboard under Tools -> Export. Select all content, and you will be provided with an xml file. You can then create an account at with your UVic credential and use that for converting the site to PDF.  The import utility is available in the Pressbooks dashboard under tools where you can import the xml file.

Pressbooks import process

There may be some wrangling once you get the site imported to structure and order the content as a book. If anyone chooses this route we would love to hear about the process and any challenges you face.

As always, we are happy to assist as you experiment with these options. If you have questions, alternatives, or concerns please reach out to us!