We were fortunate to have Inba Kehoe, our head of copyright and scholarly communications at the University of Victoria, come in to give us a workshop on Pressbooks. You can follow her on Twitter at @inbakehoe or contact her at copyright [at] uvic [dot[ ca. We stored the following artifacts from our session with Inba. These are stored on our private Google Drive and are not to be reposted as we did not seek consent for that.

For future sessions, we will be recording and posting the videos on YouTube and sharing with an unlisted link. We have the following recommendations for privacy preferences for joining our upcoming workshops which will be recorded:

  • Join with your video and name with the understanding an unlisted YouTube video can be shared still.
  • Join without logging into Zoom first or rename your listed name to a pseudonym, and keep your camera off.
  • Do not join for the live session and instead watch the archive we will post (link will be on our private Social Spaces page for future sessions)

The thing to remember about the structure for books is that “Parts” refer to Chapters and “Chapters” refer to sections in a book. A little confusing but you get used to it quickly.

You can access more resources about Pressbooks below: