For next steps, we encourage you to do some planning to ensure timely completion of your Master’s Project (in its entirety):

  • Please be sure to review the MEd Project Description document shared in the summer for criteria components
  • Polish EDCI 598A Components: Ensure your EDCI 598A Components (Prefatory Pages, Introduction, Theoretical Framework, Literature Review, Reference List) are polished by February 21. Polished means no typos, no grammatical errors, no APA errors. Formatting looks sharp. Please note Prefatory Pages includes your Title Page, Table of Contents, Table of Figures, etc.). You will likely be adding to some of these with the completion of EDCI 598B work, but at least you have it set up, so it is not a rush job at the end. You are encouraged to look at a few examples of polished MEds on UVic Space, but note that they may not be perfect, so review more than one. We encourage you to get a copyediting review by a cohort member or a colleague, family, or friend, who has a Master’s or who has a strong writing background and a good eye for detail. You will not be submitting the polished EDCI 598A components to us, as you should have incorporated the EDCI 598A feedback already received from both Valerie and Michael for this version. We will be reviewing the entire Master’s submission top to bottom when submitted at the end-of-term submission deadline, so it will get another pass by us then. If you have not yet received any feedback yet from your second co-supervisor, please reach out and make sure you have feedback from them by approximately February 1 latest.
  • Graduation Application Deadline. Don’t forget to apply for graduation. The deadline for Spring convocation is February 15.
  • Checking in: To get support on your progress, we have the following ways to book in with us:
    • For meetings requiring both Michael and Valerie, you can book in a 2-1 meeting slot with us in our 1-1 MEd Calendly Calendar with BOTH Valerie & Michael on Tuesdays between 5pm-7pm (unless we have a workshop scheduled between 5-6pm). Slots are in 15-min intervals. Feel free to book more than one slot if needed. We can always find other slots during the week via slack or email.
    • For meetings with Valerie, you can book in a 1-1 slot in Valerie’s MEd Calendly Calendar on Friday afternoons/early evenings.
    • For meetings with Michael, please send Michael a Slack invite to arrange a 1-1 meeting.
  • Review EDCI 597 Expectations: EDCI 597 is your oral exam. For project-based (non-thesis) Master’s, there is no external examiner, but we will have a Chair to oversee the oral exam. We will notify you closer about the process for paperwork. We will plan on requesting the oral exam paperwork on March 26. We have provided three dates for folks to submit their full, polished MEd with all components included. Your submission due date depends on which oral exam date you have signed up for. The deadlines are:
    • March 25 deadline for April 22 oral exam
    • March 23 deadline for April 20 oral exam
    • March 16 deadline for April 13 oral exam
  • Sign-Up for your 597 Presentation Date: We have established three proposed dates for your oral exams. You can sign up for your 15-min oral exam slot on our EDCI 597 Calendly Calendar.
  • EDCI 597 Oral Exam Expectations: Each learner will have a 15-minute slot.
    • Individuals are expected to provide a 10-minute overview of their individual project and of their learning with 5-minutes for questions from Michael and Valerie.
    • For collaborative projects, 15 minutes will be allotted per person; however, we will support a common introduction time to the project; however the collaboration is allowed because each learner will be evaluated individually as per their learning and their role and contributions to the project.
      • For duos, there can be 10-min overview of the collaborative project (can be done together), 5-minutes each for individual contributions and learning (10-min total), and 5-minutes questions for each individual (10 min in total).
      • For a trio, a 15-minute overview of the collaborative project (can be done together), 5-minutes each for individual contributions and learning (15-min total), and 5-minutes of questions for each individual (15-min total).

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