Updated July 16 11:25am

We were lucky to have a visit from both Alec Couros (URegina) and Bryan Jackson (#tiegrad 1.0 alum and Coquitlam high school teacher).

Alec is a professor in Educational Technology at URegina and was the creator of ETMOOC. See also its hashtag on Twitter. You can follow Alec on Twitter and check out his blog.

Bryan used open online courses in his approach to teaching Open Guitar 12 and Open Philosophy 12 years back, but they are great examples for inspiration. Also, check out the more recent version of Open Guitar 12. You can follow Bryan on Twitter, visit his blog, or check out his MEd Project from UVic #tiegrad 1.0.

Another open course example, which also sits static for continuous access, is DS106.

We’ll discuss their approaches and I’ll update this blog post after class. We do need to consider our approach with creating our collective blog:

  • Theme
  • Posts vs. Pages
  • Use a hashtag?
  • Consider a Twitter chat?
  • Featured images
  • Discuss examples
  • Approve or not approve posts before posting
  • Editor vs. Admin

Resources mentioned in chat:


Photo by James Lee on Unsplash