As we all are planning to move onto the next steps for curating our resources for our planned outcomes, we must take pause to evaluate those resources critically. For your first assignment, you will be curating those resources somewhere – either on your own blog post or if you’re ready to post them on the collective site, then that is the next best place. It’s probably easiest to post your evaluation/rationale post on your own blog, however. You can then use Hypothesis to annotate your curation list on the collective site to link back to your evaluation post.

There are many critical evaluation frameworks out there. I’ll link to a few below, but you are not delimited to these. If you have more to share, please send them my way and I can add them to this post. I am not expecting a full post for each resource, so do what you need to communicate your findings to convince me that these are the best ones you could find out there and suitable for sharing with the public. Perhaps use some of these as headings in your post and if all adhere, then you can speak generally toward all of your resources meeting that criteria or identify outliers and why you feel justified in keeping that resource despite any deviations. These are judgement calls and risk assessment and are done often, however, it’s important to do so carefully.

University of Victoria (Inba Kehoe): Criteria for Evaluating Internet Resources

University of California – Berkeley: Evaluating Resources

University of Saskatchewan: How to Evaluation Information Sources: Critical Questions for Evaluating Your Sources

More friendly for K12:

ISTE’s Today’s News: Real or Fake

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