Month March 2020

EDCI 572: Week 5 Creativity & Innovation

Welcome to Week 5 Creativity & Innovation! Last week, we focused on the key themes that encourage design thinking and answering wicked problems in education. It is essential to be intentional in how you are designing for critical thinking, problem… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572 Webinar Summary

Hello everyone, I made a brief video to humbly apologize for overloading the class with activities and content at the last webinar.   I encourage you to check out the two course activities (Data Analysis & Citizen Science) in your… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572: Week 4 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Welcome to Week 4: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making After a week of being inundated with data, this week we are going to consider how sharing data (and digital artifacts) can invoke Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572: Week 3 – Information and Research Literacy

Hello everyone, I saw this quote in Doug Belshaw‘s weekly newsletter today. With Ian O’Byrne‘s weekly newsletter, these two “filter bubbles” are a great resource for me in my personal learning journey. More about “Filter bubbles” in our activities this… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572 Week 2: Examining Digital Literacy Frameworks

Welcome to Week 2! Last week we considered what digital tools we could use when creating a digital story. We will continue to add to our #TIEGrad Digital ToolBox as the course proceeds (and hopefully for as long as it… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572: Week 1 Synchronous Session Summary

Hello everyone, I have made a brief video (under 5 minutes) that summarizes our synchronous chat last night. Please always use the course blog video room link to get into any future zoom sessions¬† – that will avoid any confusion… Continue Reading →

EDCI 572 – Week 1

I have created a video for the students who are unable to attend our class on Wednesday. These are the links to the resources to support the video: #TIEGrad Digital Toolbox: EDCI 572 Course outline is found on this… Continue Reading →

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