Due Date:

Weight: 15%

Description: As learners and potentially future educators, the future is ours. Reflect on the tools, concepts, pedagogical approaches, and other topics that you’ve covered in this course. What do you think the future of education will look like?

Your imagined future can be built upon hope or critical skepticism on what the future of education could and may look like.

You will create a piece of multimedia (video, piece of artwork, prose/writing, collage, or other medium) and submit this to a gallery. Every student will review and respond to each other’s’ imagined futures in the gallery walk at the end of the course.

Think of this as a piece of plausible creative fiction – it’s a future that may be a possibility based on the current state of education and based on what you’ve learned in the course so far. Have fun and be creative!


In addition to the readings in this module, you may find the following interesting:

Black Mirror Pedagogy: Dystopian Stories for Technoskeptical Imaginations

A Few Rules for Predicting the Future


Assessment will consider the following:

  • Is your future plausible? Have you appropriately drawn links to the course readings or other resources to justify your speculation?
  • Is your imagining comprehensive? Have you clearly addressed various key aspects of the educational experience, including:
    • The inherent purpose of education in your future
    • The role of technology, the instructor(s) and the students
    • Considerations of equity and access
    • Surveillance, Privacy, and Ethics
    • The degree of openness or networkedness
    • Whose interests/motivations are being centred in this model?
  • Creativity and multimedia presentation of your imagining – you should use a combination of at least 2 media types (text, visuals, video, audio, or other). Remember, you are telling a story, not writing a paper.
  • Proper references and citation – you should draw on readings from the course and you may also draw on other resources. Please make sure that these are all properly references in your final product

NOTE: there is no word count or video length requirements as this will vary greatly depending on your media choices and design for your future