Welcome to EDCI339 section A01! This course runs from September 6th to December 4th. The course overview is provided below with links to the details on each module and assessment.

Sept. 6th – Sept. 13th Module 0: Introduction; Welcome; Foundations Learner Profile
Sept. 14th – Sept. 27th Module 1: Background Group Contract
Sept. 28th – Oct. 11th Module 2: Identity, Community, Space & Place Inquiry Group Discussion – Topic 2; Students’ Guide to Digital Pedagogy
Oct. 12th – Oct. 25th Module 3: Accessibility, Inclusion, Privacy & Ethics Inquiry Group Discussion – Topic 3; Learning Portfolio – Midterm Submission
Oct. 26th – Nov. 8th Module 4: Open Pedagogy Inquiry Group Discussion – Topic 4;
Digital, Online and Open Micromodule
Nov. 9th – Nov. 29th Module 5: Digital Futures for Education Inquiry Group Discussion – Topic 5; Speculative Future Narrative
Nov. 30th – Dec. 4th Final Project Gallery Walk Peer Feedback; Learning Portfolio – Final Submission (Due December 11th)

  Access the course syllabus here.