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Digital Portfolio Tips

As we approach the end of the course, you may be wondering what a good final digital portfolio would look like. In this post and video, I will provide guidance. For the best overview, I recommend viewing this video. There… Continue Reading →

Topic 4: Sharing Resources and Practicing ‘Open’

Topic 4: Sharing Resources and Practicing ‘Open’ Things to do by August 25 (the last day of the course!) Read Wiley, D. & Hilton, J. (2018). Defining OER-enabled Pedagogy. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 19(4). Write a post related to… Continue Reading →

Topic 3: Equity and Access

Topic 3: Equity and Access Things to do by August 19 Read the three assigned topic 3 readings Complete the Digital Equity and Perspective pod project by Tuesday, August 17. It is completed as a group and is worth 40%… Continue Reading →

Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts

As you begin blogging for this course, you may be unsure what to say and how to structure a post. Due to the open nature of a blog, an effective blog post may not be exactly the same as an… Continue Reading →

Everything about the Pod Project in One Place

The pieces of Assignment 2: Digital Equity & Perspective pod project are spread across a few different pages and posts. This post directs you to all of the pieces: The assignment instructions: https://edtechuvic.ca/edci339/digital-equity-perspective-pod-project/ Tips on how to complete it: https://edtechuvic.ca/edci339/2021/08/05/pod-project-tips/ The… Continue Reading →

Assessment Tool for Digital Equity and Perspective Pod Project

In this post, I share the assessment tool I will be using to assess your pod projects. In this case, I will use a single-point rubric (Meet the Single-Point Rubric, Single-Point Rubrics: Exceeding Expectations). Your pod should review this rubric… Continue Reading →

Topic 2: History and Context of Distributed and Open Learning

Topic 2: History and Context of Distributed and Open Learning Things to do by August 12 (all activities are on you and your pod’s WordPress sites) Copy your Topic 1 initial post from Brightspace and re-create it as a new… Continue Reading →

Pod Project Tips

Important Notes The Digital Equity and Perspective Pro Project is due Tuesday, August 17 To submit the assignment, each member of your pod should publish a post that includes a link to the project, AND each of you should add… Continue Reading →

Topic 1: Privacy and Human-Centred Learning

Topic 1: Privacy and Human-Centred Learning Things to do by August 5 (all activities for Topic 1 are available in Brightspace) Read Topic 1 course readings Meet with your Learning Pod to discuss Topic 1 Complete the FIPPA and Acceptable… Continue Reading →

Welcome to EDCI 339 A03! (Topic 0)

Topic 0: Introductions and Getting Set Up to Engage Things to do by July 29 (all activities for Topic 0 are in Brightspace) Read the syllabus and review the course calendar Sign up for a WordPress blog. Join our Mattermost… Continue Reading →

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