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Category A04 with Allie Fall 2023

Allie’s updates for section A04 in Fall 2023

Class 11 | Finale & Assessment Interviews

This week we will have a shorter class time for our final class together. You will then each be meeting with Allie for an Exit Interview to review your class assignments!

Class 10 | Innovation in Education

Class 10 was held at the SD#5 Design Lab! Here are some notes:

Class 9 | Cross-Curricular Coding & Gamification in the Classroom

In Class 9, we will explore gamification in the classroom and how we can integrate cross-curricular coding. We will also be discussing the optional Hour of Code event that you can volunteer at on Tuesday, December 5 from 8:30am-2:30pm at Gordon Terrace… Continue Reading →

Class 8 | Educational Technology Presentations

This week our class will be presenting their projects on Educational Technology. Here are the notes for the content portion of our class:

Class 7 | Stop Motion Videos

This week we had the privilege to work with a grade 3 class to create stop motion videos together! Videos have been posted on Seesaw for you to view. Find our overview below:

Class 6 | Working with Graphics

This week is packed full with graphic creation and stop motion animation creation! Check out the slides below:

Class 5 | Working with Students & Technology

This week we had our first in-situ experience at Lindsay Park Elementary School in Kimberley. Below are a few notes about the week.

Class 4 | Creating Resources

During Class 4 this week we will be taking a look at multimedia learning, screencasting, video editing, interactive videos, podcasts, YouTube, flipped classrooms, digital storytelling and more! Here are this week’s slides:

Class 3 | Citizenship Online

This week we will be exploring citizenship online! Here are the class slides below:

Class 2 | Inquiry Learning, FIPPA, Open Education

Welcome to Class 2! Here are the slides for our second class content:

Class 1 | Introduction

Welcome to EDCI 336 A04 with Allie! I look forward to engaging on this learning journey with you. Below are our course slides from the week.

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