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Category A01 with Michael Fall 2023

Michael’s updates for section A01 in Fall 2023

Week Twelve: Presentations and Gamified Learning

It was great to hear about your presentations today and I was impressed with you all sharing the process of creating your resource. I look forward to reviewing your creations and will provide feedback as soon as I can. To… Continue Reading →

Google Drive Collaboration with Anonymous Editing

In our class we make frequent use of Google Documents to collaborate with one another, collect information, or engage in brainstorms. Since not all of us have Google accounts or are interested in creating them, we make use of anonymous… Continue Reading →

Week Eleven: Technology and Inclusion

Thanks to everyone for their engagement in class today. Having Tracy in-person and Kaori join remotely managed to work quite well, and I hope you appreciated hearing more about BCEdAccess and the work they do towards advocating for students and… Continue Reading →

Assistive Technologies

Many students benefit from ensuring all content is fully accessible. Some of those students may have a disability and the way lessons are designed can act as a barrier to accessing content and to meaningful inclusion. British Columbia Framework for… Continue Reading →

Week Nine: Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning

Thanks for your contributions to the class today and tackling the challenging moving target of Artificial Intelligence (AI)in teaching and learning contexts. This is something we will be hearing more about as we move forward in our careers. I hope… Continue Reading →

Week Eight: Multimedia Learning Theory / Image Editing

What a fun class today! I enjoyed seeing your graphic creations during the gallery walk. I hope you enjoyed getting time to practice some image editing skills. Now, consider how you might apply the same principles when creating teaching and… Continue Reading →

Week Seven: Technology Enabled Place-based Learning

Hi everyone, thanks for all your contributions to our class this week on technology enabled place-based learning. I feel so lucky that we had a nice day and were able to get outside to breathe the fresh air, discuss opportunities… Continue Reading →

Screencasting, Video Editing, and Interactive Videos

Class Time: Flipping the Classroom We’ll begin our face-to-face class time exploring Multimedia Learning Theory, instructional videos, screencasting, and flipped learning. Slides from today’s class Hands-on Lab Time: Now we will get hands-on and you will make your own Screencast… Continue Reading →

Week Four: Update on Assessment Meetings, Edtech Reflections, and Group Formation

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying these two short weeks in early October. The weather has been lovely, so I hope you are getting outside for some autumn air. Three things to note, although we… Continue Reading →

Week Three: Guest Jesse Miller and EdTech Presentation Groups/Topics

Thanks for your engagement today in class with our guest Jesse Miller. I hope you found the session useful. Jesse has been added to our Mattermost chat so you may engage with him further using his handle @jessemiller. I have… Continue Reading →

Google in Education

There is no question that Google provides some very innovative tools for supporting content creation, collaboration, and presentation through their google suite (docs, sheets, slides, etc.) Google Classroom is the service offers to schools to organize these tools for educational… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Blog Post Reflection

As you start gaining experience in finding your blog voice and reviewing blog posts of your peers, you might start to get a sense of what makes a good blog post. Take some time to review the blog feed of… Continue Reading →

Week Two: FIPPA, Open Education, and Most Likely to Succeed

Thank you all for your engagement today in class! I know there have been some technical difficulties and I appreciate your spirit and persistence as we get things setup. Reach out anytime if you need help. I created a video… Continue Reading →

Week One: Slides, to do list, and follow up

It was great to meet you all today and I am looking forward to the term ahead. Reading your tickets out the door, I hear enthusiasm peppered with a fear of the unknown around getting started with your portfolios. I… Continue Reading →

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