I want to express my gratitude for your in-class presentations this week. Each presentation was a valuable opportunity for us to learn from one another and grow together. I hope you will take the opportunity to review  each groups audio/video presentation. As a reminder, all presentations should be linked to on the Pods and Pairs document (shared in Mattermost). It is also useful to share your pod meeting dates on that same document. I look forward to reviewing your creations and will provide feedback as soon as I can.

To do for next week

  • Optional: Do some thinking about what it will be like teaching in the year 2050 in the context of education technology. It can be hopeful and/or dystopian. It may be presented as a short story, poem, audio, video, image, etc. Be creative, try out an AI image generation tool,  and have fun! For inspiration, read The Fun They Had, by Isaac Asimov (1951)
    • Please share the story as a post on your WordPress site. Yes, this can count as one of your reflections.
    • If you would like, please feel free to share the link to your story on Mattermost
  • Wrap up your weekly WordPress reflection on the course as well as your free inquiry project
  • Links to your Educational Technology Presentation should be added to the pods and pairs document and added to your portfolio, based on your privacy preferences.
  • You should by now, have booked your final assessment meeting with me. Links are in Mattermost.

Slides from this week