Sorry this post is late! I have been waiting for Tracy to send me the slides. Please find them below along with some additional resources I have put together for you. 

Thanks to everyone for their engagement in class today. Having Tracy in-person and Kaori join remotely managed to work quite well, and I hope you appreciated hearing more about BCEdAccess and the work they do towards advocating for students and parents, and in supporting and raising awareness with teachers. I added the resources that Kaori shared in the Zoom chat including the two Instagram accounts to follow and the Ministry of Education, Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines on slide two below.

The slides below provide some more resources to support inclusion and links to technology and tools that are worth knowing about. Tracy and Kaori shared the following two resources as a follow up the session:

Slides from the session

A reading: Jorgensen, C. (2005). The Least Dangerous Assumption. Disability Solutions: A Publication of Creating Solutions, A Resource for Families & Others Interested in Down Syndrome & Developmental Disabilities, 6(3).

I look forward to the presentations next week and meeting with each one of you in our final assessment meeting.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

To do list for week nine

  • EdTech Reflection Post: Consider reflecting on what you heard today, explore web accessibility tools, or plans for supporting inclusivity.
  • Free Inquiry Post: Document your progress, try using speech-to-text to capture an update.
  • Group Project – you should be done or getting very close to recording your project