Thanks for a wonderful session today everyone!

As always, below is the list of tasks to be completed by our next class along with a copy of the Slide Deck from today.

Have a wonderful readying break and if you have any questions or want to share resources or ideas, please post to our A01 with Andrew – Spring 2024 Mattermost Channel.

Tasks to Complete by our next in-class session on Friday, February 29th:

Outstanding Tasks:

  • Complete your Weekly Reflections from Week 1-5 and share the link on Brightspace.
  • Complete your Inquiry Updates from Week 2-5 and share the link on Brightspace.


Try your hand at using ChatGPT, Microsoft CoPilot or another generative AI tool to support your creation process for these blog posts.
Remember to use the tool with a critical lens and be sure to provide attribution.
Also, a tip: consider sharing the rubric with the tool as part of the process to see what difference that makes.

Free Inquiry Tasks:

Weekly Reflection Tasks:

  • Review the Slide Deck from Week 6 below or watch the recording on Brightspace (A3)
  • Post your weekly reflection in your blog portfolio and share link via Brightspace (A3).

Slide Deck from Week 6:

Note: You can find a complete recording of the class from Friday, February 16th on Brightspace.