Thanks for a wonderful session today everyone!

As always, below is the list of tasks to be completed by next week along with a copy of the Slide Deck from today.

Have a wonderful weekend and If you have any questions or want to share resources or ideas, please post to our A01 with Andrew – Spring 2024 Mattermost Channel.

Tasks to Complete by our next in-class session on Friday, February 16th:

Outstanding Tasks:

  • Complete your Weekly Reflections from Week 1-4 and share the link on Brightspace.
  • Complete your Inquiry Updates from Week 2-4 and share the link on Brightspace.

Free Inquiry Tasks:

Weekly Reflection Tasks:

  • Review the Slide Deck from Week 5 below or watch the recording on Brightspace (A3)
  • Complete the Curation Activity from class (Slide 23) and share with Andrew via Weekly Reflection (A3)
    • Choose a Digital Curation Tool
    • Curate some Knowledge
    • Share the Experience
  • Post your weekly reflection in your blog portfolio and share link via Brightspace (A3).

EdTech Presentation Tasks:

Slide Deck from Week 5:

Note: You can find a complete recording of the class from Friday, February 9th on Brightspace.